We started our journey four years ago with a venture called The Upcycle Project which aimed to convert useless waste into unique products that would spark conversations among adults about the state of our environment. We achieved a lot of success and received a lot of media attention but in the process realized that our ultimate vision of mindset change around the environment was not being achieved.

One day, while working on a volunteer project with children, we had a eureka moment. Not only were children great agents of change, they also managed to influence adults around them into positive action.

Keeping this in mind we started Upcycler's Lab, a venture that creates and markets Flash cards, puzzles and board games based on the environment for children aged 2-9. Our products teach children about concepts like waste segregation, water conservation and energy consumption through play!

Our vision at Upcycler’s Lab is to change mindset and behaviour around the environment so that we can create better consumers for tomorrow. The work we do primarily revolves around UN Sustainability Development Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.