The Environment Box Mini

Introduce your child to the environment all around them and let them explore concepts such as human energy and waste segregation. Teach them how to segregate waste through our unique and extremely fun board game which will keep your child engaged for hours! This box includes one activity and one board game.
All our boxes have been created with the help of education experts, parents and designers and are inspired by STEAM based learning and Finnish Early Education. Also, all our boxes are made from either treated waste materials, recycled materials or sustainable materials. That's why when you buy a UL box, you help save the planet and set a good example for your children.

The Environment Box Mini: What's Inside:

1) Human Butterfly: Create a human powered butterfly and save up on all the non- renewable energies

2) Garbage Grab: A game that helps you learn how to segregate

It will take 20 days as we are currently sold out and only taking pre orders.