5 in 1 Activity Set

A board game based on Waste Segregation and Animal Conservation with 3 additional activities. Key Features: 1) Learn how to segregate waste into wet, dry and hazardous waste & Help 4 endangered animals get safely to their habitats through fun and interactive 2 in 1 board games. 2) Flash Cards on Endangered Animals. 3) Certificate of Completion. 4) Performance Chart 5) Waste segregation sticker activity 6) BONUS! DIY Pegs. Package Dimensions:430MM x 300MM x 30MM Contents: 2 in 1 Board Game: 130 GSM Art paper with 1.5 MM Kappa Board. 56 Waste Cards: 400 GSM Art Card. 2 Sticker Sheets: 85 GSM S/A PAPER Flash Card 170 GSM Art Paper. Dice: 130 GSM Art Paper on Top with 1.5 MM Kappa board inside Peg Sheet: 300 GSM Art Card

It will take 20 days as we are currently sold out and only taking pre orders.